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Boycottto abstain from buying or using.

The Boycott Weave Project is about exposing the perpetuation of chattel slave era standards of beauty. 

This documentary is about awareness, accountability, and action. 

The Black Woman is in denial and has an identity crisis. 

Although her natural appearance is stigmatized by an oppressive society, she lacks courage. 

She has no understanding of her true self or concern about the impact she has on others. 

More importantly, she does not consider who she is…who she was.

Why start at hair? It is the crown, a woman’s covering, her glory, an extension of racial genetics, a marker of culture, history and heritage. 

It is the unique fibers of a people set apart from all others.

The Boycott Weave Project will address the source of subconscious desires, reveal the fallacies of societal norms and provide an un-grievous solution. 


There will be no disclaimers. Some may be offended or feel personally attacked, and if you make any statements like, "i wear it as a protective style", "i just like to switch up", "i can't do anything with my hair", "it looks better"; this message most certainly pertains to you.

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It truly goes without saying how important hair is to the Black Woman. One does not have to look far to read multiple articles and reports written about Black Beauty and the lengths women go through to achieve what they deem as comeliness.

It has been estimated that some $500 billion is spent in the Black hair care industry. Black women spend 9x more on beauty than the general population and nearly six out of 10 wear wigs, weaves or extensions. 

Look around! Who told us our natural hair in its natural state is not beautiful?

Why do we place more value on "fake" than our true selves?



Auditions held at Chris White Gallery

701 N SHipley st  wilmington, delaware 19801

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